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Mens knitwear jumpers

A lot of men seem not to bother with mens knitwear jumpers, opting for a sweatshirt style top instead. This is a real shame as there are some fabulous mens knitwear jumpers available these days, but could there still be a stigma attached to mens knitwear jumpers from days gone by? I think back to my own childhood and remember the terrible mens knitwear jumpers my own Dad was given by well-meaning elderly female relatives. Quite often they were homemade, by that I mean knitted and usually a coupe of sizes too big. They also had some hideous pattern or emblems crafted into them, and were especially popular as Christmas gifts, not I hasten to add by the recipients. Every once in a while in our house we get out the old photograph albums and my dad has to revisit the indignity of his past, rather horrid mens knitwear jumpers; we all find incredibly amusing. There are pictures from the 1970’s when the television series Starsky and Hutch made cream polo neck cable chunky mens knitwear jumpers all the fashion and there was a singer who used to host his own show on a weekend and would always be wearing one jumper or another. Perhaps that is why to this day there is still much mockery made about mens knitwear jumpers? It’s a real shame because a simple shaped mens knitwear jumper with either a crew or v-neck looks wonderful and modern layered over a longer top or t-shirt and worn with jeans.

Choosing a shirt to go with a suit

There always comes a time in a man's life when he doesn't really know which shirt to choose. The choice gets even more difficult when you need to match one with a suit. It is one of those classic combinations where it is very hard to strike the ideal combination between plain old boring and nicely standing out.

The general idea is to avoid patterns with a suit. The suit itself is a strong enough piece of wardrobe to stand out by itself. The shirt is merely an accessory over here, not the main piece that should attract attention. As with all supplementary pieces, it should never be stronger than the main piece. It is meant to compliment the whole outfit by casually blending into it. The easiest suit to pick for is always grey.

Look at this video from Optical Express - they did a good job at matching.

How to choose outdoor mens trousers

The task of choosing mens outdoor trousers is challenging since you need pants that will combine comfort, versatility and durability. If you are packing for a hunting expedition, you definitely want fabric that will keep you safe from irritating plants and at the same time not get tattered. On the other hand, you will need stylish and smart pants that will also help to keep you warm at night. The following are some tips that will help you in identifying your dream pants. 

Firstly, look for durable pants with the ability to withstand the outdoor abuse from plants, toxic chemicals, UV rays, etc. Long lasting fabric will save you frequent trips to the boutique to replace the previous pair that is worn out. You should also consider having several pairs of trousers that you can wear outdoors in order to enhance longevity of individual pants.
Secondly, look for waterproof trousers. Since there is always the probability you might get caught by rain when outdoors, these pants will help to keep your skin warm and dry. These pants are also suitable when you are going for a fishing trip where you are likely to get water spit on you.

Thirdly, hunters need thorn proof trousers that will protect them from getting injured by the spikes when pursuing and concentrating on shooting their targets. The pants do also protect the wearer from getting inured by the thorns.
Fourthly, ensure your trouser comes with maximum comfort. It is pointless to invest a lot of money on what looks like a great outdoor trouser just to discover it does not fit properly, or you cannot wear it the whole day at the field. Comfortable trousers improve the performance of individuals. 

Fifthly, look for trousers with large pockets for keeping the hunting and fishing accessories. There are common brands associated with manufacturing pants specifically designed for outdoor activities. Check out your local and online stores for diverse options you can choose from.

If you are a fashion enthusiast, there are many suitable outdoor trousers that can be customized to reflect this. Maybe you will possibly prefer to buy the moleskin trousers. A little due diligence would be essential to help you find pants that would accentuate your tastes at affordable rates.


In case you are enthusiastic in shooting, go for the breeks. These are commonly the knee-length plus-four or plus-two length trousers that are basically worn on the field. They give plenty of leg movements and room, hence they are very comfortable. In addition, they are warm and waterproof. They help to keep you warm in chilly weather, as well as keep your skin dry during the rain. Long socks are essential when you are planning to wear breeks. Ensure to invest in a few pairs that will help to keep you warm and dry regardless of the kind of weather.

Lastly, don’t forget to shop around for the latest arrivals and great deals. Fashion keeps changing hence you need to look at what different shops are offering before you buy a pair of pants. Take a look at for a great selection on designer trousers such as diesel jeans and jack and jones jeans

Buying Guide For Classic Suits

Shopping for suits is among the intimidating and expensive tasks that you wish you never had to attend to. Whether you are going for wool or cotton, casual or formal, etc., due diligence is required in abundance for you to get gear that meets your financial personal requirements. Unlike in the past, you don’t have to spend $500 in order to get excellent suit brands. There are numerous upcoming inexpensive brands that are making it possible for clients on strained budget to get classy suits without having to spend a fortune.

Start by ensuring the suit is fitting properly on the shoulders after you try it on. If it fails to fit, don’t expect it to accentuate your figure no matter what the salesperson will tell you. Remember the store attendee wants you to buy the suit, hence will use all the tactics possible to convince you that the suit would fit well after sometime.

In case your suit has a problem that you would like fixed, hire the services of an experienced tailor. Since it can be hard to find a suit that would accentuate your style, get a qualified tailor to customize it to your style. For instance, if the sleeves of your suit extend past the curves of your wrist, you can have them shortened such that the cuff peaks of the dress shirt can be visible at the far end. You can also have the size of your pants or length altered. A suit will only appear attractive if you get a cut that flatters your figure well.

Determine the fabric that would be used in making your suit. The cotton varieties are the most popular since they provide outstanding wear during the summer. The style of washing is another crucial consideration. There are some materials that can be washed manually while others are best when you clean them using steam. However, if you can afford, go for the materials that require being steam pressed to remove wrinkles since the designs help to maintain the sparkle in your gear.
After purchasing your suit in another country, pack it in place of having it posted. Many men tend to buy classy suits when they are touring other countries and have the store posting them to their address. Unfortunately, you might purchase an almond wool crepe suit in Hong Kong, but on the time of delivery, you get a grey polyester suit.

Since this is a free market, remember to bargain as much as you can so that you can get better deals. There are several deals such as free shipping, 20% off when you buy more than two suits at a go, free ties and shirts just to mention a few. Ensure to shop around to get optimum savings.

Lastly, you should also know the right accessories to complement your suit. Keep your style simple, save if you are a confident man with strong fashion enthusiasm. A dark tie and a light colored shirt would work perfectly. 

More men's suits from French Connection is here

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